About Us

AST-Technology Big Data Analytics

BDA is one of the key activity of AST-Technology

We are pioneer of coaching industries through utilizing BIG DATA 

knowledge and techniques.

Our goal is to improve performance of our customers and of their teams.

We are expert in extracting hidden valuable information from big group of industrial data.

We know how to make the most benefit from existing information with least expense.

We are experts in structuring your data into valuable information.

History of Industrial Data Analysis

• In the 1950s, before anyone uttered the term “big data”, businesses were     
  using basic manual analytics
to uncover insights and trends. 

• Starting in the 1970s the technology enable engineers to analyze

   more and more data. Yet this process was time consuming and inefficient.

• The concept of big data is known since few years and most organizations      
   understand that they get significant value of it. They have started to collect

   data without having the capability to analyze them.

• Today big data analysis brings tools to the industry to use these data
   immediately on a very efficient way. 

• We open an era of immediate insights and fast decisions to give
   organizations a competitive advantage.

• In 1999 Bill Gates wrote the book "Business @ The Speed of Though"...

   Now we can do it!