Our Company

Big Data Analytics is one of the key activities of AST-Technology.

We are pioneer of coaching industries through utilizing BIG DATA knowledge and techniques.

Our goal is to improve performance of our customers and of their teams.

We are expert in extracting hidden valuable information from big group of industrial data.

We know how to make the most benefit from existing information with least expense.

We are experts in structuring your data into valuable information.

Our Leadership

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Amit Kaushik

Group CMO — India

Amit holds Engineering and MBA degrees from reputed institutes in India. He has a professional experience of over 20 years in Graphite Electrode and Steel manufacturing Industry having global exposure in Business Development, Marketing & Sales, Supply Chain Management while dealing with world class clientele. He is widely travelled to about 27 countries across all continents.

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Elena Dergonova

CIS CEO — Russia

Elena Dergunova-graduated from the Bauman Moscow Technical University, worked as an engineer, and then as a teacher at the Department of Dynamics and Strength of Aircraft. Then she worked in the representative office of the oil company Alabashneft in Moscow, as well as the director of the representative office of the Port of Yeisk in Moscow.

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Roelf Van Rensburg

Africa CMO — South Africa

Roelf holds engineering and MBA degrees from UP and PBS. Roelf has extensive process engineering experience. He developed products that have solved both metallurgical needs as well as novel recycling solutions to difficult industrial by products. In addition to his extensive experience, Roelf is a certified workplace coach and six sigma black belt.

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Dr Said Alameddine

Group CEO — Switzerland

Dr Said ALAMEDDINE is the leading expert in mineral material and induction furnaces with more than 30 years experiences in engineering, quality assurance, consultation and international marketing. He has MSc in Executive MBA from School of Business in Switzerland and PhD in nuclear Chemistry from CNRS in France.

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Charles Perez

Europe CEO — Switzerland

As Mechanical Engineer with a diploma in High-tech Machinery building, I have spent 13 years in this field, then working in sales for 14 years in the watch components industry, developed sales during 16 years in the Graphite Electrode business covering all Europe, Eastern Europe and Middle East areas.

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Dr Bahadir Sungu

MEA CMO — Turkey

Bahadır SUNGU has about 15 years of experience in the iron and steel industry, including Steel Mills, Hot and Cold Rolling Mills. In addition, he worked in the management and operation of Oxygen and Hydrogen Plants, Annealing Furnaces, Grinding Workshops, EDT Machines, Electro Cleaning, Pickling, Galvanize and Galvalume Lines. He graduated from Marmara and Istanbul Universities as Electrical-Electronics and Industrial Engineer. He has MSc in Department of Information Systems Engineering and MBA in Social Sciences Institute, Department of Management and Organization. Doctor of Philosophy education process continues in the Department of Management and Organization.

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Didier Morice

Group CTO — France

Didier has an engineering degree from Arts et Metiers, one of the most famous high school in France. He worked for more than 20 years in various technical positions in the Graphite electrodes industry. During the last 10 years, he focused on the industry 4.0 and the ways of using big data to improve processes of the industry.

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Sherry Wai

Asia CEO — China

Sherry Wei, returning back to China after studying abroad for MBA in the USA and Started in Media and Journalist in her early-stage career. Transfer to EV battery business in 2009 and has been working in the largest battery cell producers in China for over 10 years, including CALB and Farasis Energy. Sherry as the business expert focused on the business development, plant setting and global footprint strategy in the automotive and new energy industry.

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Dr Sam Mishani

Oceania CEO — Australia

Sam holds his MSc in MBA and Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering from the Curtin University of Australia. He has more than 20 years of experience in engineering and operations of upstream and downstream oil and gas industries in middle-east. In 2014, he joined the mining industry via a research and product development project in Western Australia.